Message from Medical Center Director

Kojiro Maiko

Medical Center Director

“Saving Lives Is My Job”

Our hospital’s slogan is “Saving lives is my job”.

Everyone helps each other in Cambodia. 
However, in Cambodia, there are still many people who cannot get medical care because of poverty and who die because of it.
“If I don’t have money, I can’t go to the hospital and get medical treatment.”
I feel that such awareness is widespread among residents and healthcare professionals. No matter where in the world, rich or poor, human life should be equal. We value life as much as possible.

Saving lives is our job.
Even if life itself is not saved, it should be cherished until the last moment. We want to save lives and hearts as much as we can. It’s not just work, it’s our way of life.
No matter how hard the work is, if it saves the life that is about to spill, our hearts are filled with more rewards.
Of course, there are limits to the medical care we can provide.
Still, we do our best.
For those who want to do their best for people through medical care, I want you to come here.
Work is not just for money.

“Saving lives” is our job.

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Our Hospital

The work we do at Japan Heart Children’s Medical Center is built around five pillars.

General Medicine

Japan Heart’s general medicine department can treat a variety of diseases and injuries for both children and adults. We work together with local hospitals and Japanese experts to provide the best care for free.


Our surgical department is the heart of our hospital and is the base of Japan Heart’s origins. We do a variety of free surgeries for children and adults in need.


Our hospital has a pediatric oncology department that specializes in treating solid abdominal tumors using surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. We have an oncology ward for the long-term treatment of our inpatients.

Perinatal Care

Our perinatal care department is focused on making sure mothers have healthy and safe births and are equipped with the means to raise healthy and happy babies.


Our hospital has an onsite food center as part of our nutrition department. Here we focus on making healthy tailored meals for our precious patients.

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