General Medicine to give consideration to patients’ feelings

The Need

In Cambodia, there is a general lack of high-quality, inexpensive healthcare. To many Cambodians, such healthcare is simply out of reach because of price or geography. There is also a general mistrust of the medical industry due to the after-effects of the Khmer Rouge’s decimation of medical professionals. Many people rely on traditional Khmer medical practitioners or local pharmacies to self-medicate and sometimes symptoms worsen.

Oftentimes, simple afflictions are ignored until they become serious and much more costly to rectify. The most common conditions seen at Japan Heart are skin diseases exacerbated by poor hygiene standards. This issue highlights the importance of quality health education.

Another problem is the yearly Dengue fever outbreaks which peak in July and wreak havoc on impoverished Cambodians.

To fight these issues, Japan Heart will do our best to make sure that as many people as possible have access to quality healthcare.

Our Work

The most important step to remove all barriers in the way of people getting high-quality medical treatment is to make our treatment free.

We cooperate with Ponhea Leu Referral Hospital, a Cambodian government clinic that serves the local area of our hospital. Patients that Ponhea Leu cannot treat or diagnose are referred to Japan Heart.

Patients are usually treated in our outpatient department by our skilled local team. In other cases, such as hernia or hydrocele, they are referred to our surgical department. Japan heart sees 50 or more patients through our outpatient department daily.

To support the widest array of ailments possible, we regularly invite specialists from Japan. This we we can ensure that out hospital has the capacity to treat conditions outside of our usual scope.

If a treatment is beyond our capability, we ask patients to return when we have appropriate visiting physicians. This is to ensure that as many people as possible have access to medical treatment.

We also operate a 24 hour emergency department that where we receive critical patients.