Protecting the Health with Food

Nutrition is an important in our hospital, where many of the patients have weakened immune systems due to their conditions. The Naganuma Food Center provides meals for staff and patients using ingredients easily sourced from local markets. The meals are all nutritionally balanced and cheap, so that patient families can recreate them after returning home. A nutritionist individually tailors each meal based on allergies, religion and food preference. The food center cooperates with our nursing team to make sure that the diets synergize with each patient’s diagnosis.

A nutritionist continually assesses patients to ensure that their growth is on track and that their diet is leading to healthy outcomes. The nutrition department and perinatal department work together to educate mothers on diet and nutrition. This is important to prevent such diseases as gestational diabetes that can lead to more severe complications. We supplement this information with regular infant examinations.

Another important aspect our nutrition team works on is promoting hygiene to protect the health of our patients and medical staff. The Japanese Water and Sewage Bureau test the water we use. Staff also check the water every morning for chlorine levels to ensure it is safe for consumption. We follow the rules of WASH and remind patients to clean their hands before every meal.