Fighting Pediatric Cancer

The Need

In Cambodia, it is estimated that there are around 600 cases of pediatric cancer per year, 200 of which seek medical treatment. In developed nations like Japan, upwards of 80% of children can survive this devastating diagnosis, but that number is only 20% in Cambodia. This shocking disparity is why we decided to open our own pediatric oncology ward at Japan Heart Children’s Medical Center. There are many barriers to that prevent families from being able to access lifesaving medical treatments, not least of which is the exorbitant costs of seeking quality treatment in neighboring countries. Furthermore, treatment in Cambodia is often ineffective due to mistaken diagnoses and a lack of knowledge about pediatric cancers. As most families do not have the option to seek treatment overseas, our treatment is cost free for the patients so they focus on healing.

Our Work

Japan Heart Children’s Medical Center opened its pediatric ward in 2018 and since then has treated dozens of patients with the most serious cancers. Before we opened our doors, there were no facilities in Cambodia that could treat pediatric cancers aside from leukemia. By bringing in highly skilled surgeons from Japan and working together with Japan Heart trained local medical professionals, our hospital’s survival rate for pediatric cancer is around 50%. We are working hard to bring that number even higher by spreading awareness of cancer symptoms through our channels so that we can save children before it is too late.

Japan Heart specializes in treating malignant abdominal solid type tumors and pediatric cancers such as neuroblastoma, hepatoblastoma, nephroblastoma and others. Our pediatric ward is isolated from the other wards and can hold around 28 patients including one member of their family for long term treatment, free of charge.