Saly Anaty

Midwife Leader

We are so proud to be midwives at Japan Heart because we can help many mothers and newborns.

Why do I think that Japan Heart is a good hospital?
When I first came to Japan Heart, the hospital gave me many opportunities to do things that I had never done before. I was taught not only midwifery skills, but also the importance of midwives and what it means to be a good midwife.
I enjoy working here because of the patients and the hospital. I’ve been given the chance to to gain new experiences such as taking care of mothers and babies post-delivery, taking care of premature babies from 1800-2500g, and treating high risk patients or complications during delivery.
The prenatal check-ups and ultrasounds at Japan Heart are free, and the staff offer all patients tips for taking care of their babies as well as careful follow-up. Additionally, we have monthly maternity classes for helping to prevent complications during pregnancy and delivery. We also hold mobile mother classes at other health centers in the region.
Everything that Japan Heart does is to save human lives, especially those of children and newborns. We are so proud to be midwives at Japan Heart because we can help many mothers and newborns. When people praise our work we also take pride that we work at Japan Heart.
Patients always say that they are happy to be treated at Japan Heart because the staff always treat them with kindness which that hadn’t experienced from medical staff before. I am very proud to do my job and I have confidence in my abilities, knowing that I can save two lives at the same time.

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Job Description

Mothers and babies at a hospital in Oudong need you. Japan Heart Children’s Medical Center is a charity hospital. We want to provide life-saving care for mothers and babies as much as we can.

We need more midwives to join us. If you are looking for charity work and willing to support both mothers and babies, Japan Heart Children’s Medical Center is the best hospital for you to join.

While working with us, you will also get more incentive as below:

❣️ Get experience with charity work.

❣️ Get a suitable salary (Get incentive for overtime)

❣️ Free meals (3 times /day, Monday-Saturday)

❣️ Having opportunities to learn specialized knowledge and skills with a Japanese doctor.


Please send us following documents by email to; medicalcenter@japanheart.org

  • Cover Letter
  • CV
  • Midwife License (Certification)
  • Application Form
Application Form