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All staff and the Japanese volunteers learn so much from working at Japan Heart.

Japan Heart Children’s Medical Center is a hospital that treats pediatric cancer patients and also common diseases in adults and children free of charge. There are many patients who come to our hospital to get treatment because all of the staff take care of the patients with heartfelt love and warm smiles, while thinking of the patient as a member of our own family.
All staff and the Japanese volunteers learn so much from working at Japan Heart. Every month, many Japanese doctors come to operate on the patients. The hospital also focuses on taking care of postpartum women in collaboration with Ponhea Leu Referral Hospital to increase the quality and safety of the care.
Every month, the hospital conducts health-checkups to treat people in remote provinces, where it is often difficult to access medical and health related knowledge. We teach and demonstrate prevention and healthcare during these missions too.

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Job Description

Do you know that there are many children at a hospital in Oudong who need you? Join Japan Heart Children’s Medical Center if you want to be a part of helping them.

We are looking for a pharmacist who can share our mission. You will gain valuable experience and benefits from working with us such as:

❣️ Gaining experience with charity work

❣️ Get a competitive salary (incentive for overtime)

❣️ Free meals (3 times/day, working days)

❣️ Having opportunities to learn specialized knowledge and skills with Japanese doctors and nurses.


Please send us following documents by email to;

  • Cover Letter
  • CV
  • Application Form
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